ACE Paving Co of WNY 
Serving WNY since 1964
About Us
Ace Paving Co. was founded in 1964 by a Vietnam Veteran who learned how to apply bituminous asphalt in paving roadways traveled by United States forces in country.  This skill and work ethic was brought back to western New York and Ace Paving Co. was born.  
55 years of Excellent Service!!
Ace represents the old guard of asphalt paving operations in WNY.   Others have come and gone. Beware of the many "gypsy" operations out there who quote one price and then demand another after performing sub-par work with sub-par materials and equipment.
If you have questions about an existing quote from another paving company, I encourage you to reach out to the experts at Ace to make sure the job they propose will meet your needs.  Often, shady operators will present estimates with ambiguous phrases that allow them to jack the bill up when work is done.  We are willing to help, even if you end up awarding the job to someone else.